Establishing a Partnership:

There is a difference between a buyer-seller relationship and a partnership. A buyer-seller relationship is one in which one party requires a service to be performed, communicates the requirements and pays someone to provide the service. Beyond expecting the job to be done to the specifications, there is no investment in the relationship beyond payment for services rendered.

A partnership is a relationship in which both parties have a significant interest and/or investment in the success of their mutual efforts. It involves a greater level of communication, trust and implies a commitment to continuity.

Successful scopists & reporters have a partnership. The job that the reporter is hiring the scopist to do is an integral part of his or her own job responsibilities. In order to be successful, the scopist and reporter must have a partnership because of what’s on the line: reputation, income, and the commitment to the accurate record. You’re not just splitting the workload; you’re a team with a mutual commitment to putting together a perfect product.

The reporter is, of necessity, the senior partner in the relationship because it’s their name on the final product, their reputation on the line and ultimately, their responsibility for accuracy of transcript.

Reporters who are interested in delegating a part of that responsibility would be unwise to hand their transcript production responsibility to an uninterested party who is merely providing a service. They need a partner they can trust: someone who is as interested in and invested in the outcome as they are themselves; someone who is as much of a perfectionist, someone willing to question and challenge, and someone who is willing to help them improve their future translation.

Scopists don’t want a reporter who is willing to abdicate all responsibility to them. A scopist wants a reporter who is willing to work with them so that the job can get done quickly, efficiently and with the best possible results, both for the current job and for the future.

Note: While doing some research and while training to become a scopist, I came across this excerpt from a training session given by Cindi Hartman. Since there is no way I could have said it any better and since it reflects my opinion of the relationship between a scopist and a reporter, I have used this excerpt and wish to give credit to the author. The use of this excerpt is used by permission of the author:

Session #17: “Scopists & Reporters: Enhancing the Partnership”
Saturday, August 4, 2001-Instructor: Cindi Hartman

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